Gangtok, India

Excursion to Tsomgo Lake and Baba Mandir

Tsomgo Lake and Baba Mandir is two notable attractions in the Eastern part of Sikkim district. If Tsomgo Lake is a natural oval-shaped glacial lake surrounded by steep mountains which are covered with snow during winter, Baba Mandir is a holy temple that is believed to have wish fulfilling powers. Standing at the altitude of 12,400 feet above the sea level, Tsomgo Lake remains frozen during the winter season. During summertime, the snow from mountains will melt then form the main the source of water for the lake. Tsomgo is famous for its wild beauty and untouched scenery changing in seasons. The lake surface reflects different colours in different time in a year, in a great accordance with the surroundings, which made its landscape is mesmerizing and unique in a lively way as it has to offer. It is also regarded as a sacred place to both Hindus, Buddhist, and even locals. Hence you might see the scene of pilgrims paying their great reverence here. Heading to the east of Tsomgo Lake around 20km houses the Baba Mandir Temple, a significant worship place of the region. The Temple is dedicated to a revered Indian army soldier whose spirit is believed to protect and grant favors to people as a fabled saint. With exceptional scenic beauty and spiritual highlights, an excursion combining these two tourist spots will deliver you a great outing full of interesting activities. 

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