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Known as one of the most sacred sites in devout Buddhist Myanmar, Golden Rock pagoda is rather outstanding and attractive for its special location and bizzare look with a giant golden rock precariously balancing on the edge of a cliff on the top of Kyaikhtiyo mountain. In order to visit the rock pagoda, you are to join a thrilling open truck ride up on the winding road through the forest mountain. Just like a special roller coaster trip, 45-minute driving up mountain will surely get you into the feeling of free and exhilarated before reaching the Golden rock and admire the breath-taking scene of the majestic gilded rock between the spectacular nature surrounding.


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Highlighted on the top of Mt. Kyaikhtiyo, Golden rock pagoda is well-known as one of the most sacred religious sites in Myanmar with the giant balancing rock perched on the edge of a mountain for over 2,500 years. ITo the intriped travellers and risk takers, the 30-min truck journey up the winding roads with lots of sharp turns to reach the pagoda...

Over the cold stay on top mountain of Kyaikhtiyo, a soft trek meandering the lush jungle-covered mountain and its little villages will make your Golden Rock trip more highlighted and extensive. Grasp an excellent chance to capture and live up the simple nature beauty in perfect harmony with vibrant hill tribe culture in which...

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