Champasak, Laos

Natural beauty of Bolaven Plateau

Mainly located within Champasak Province in southern Laos, Bolaven Plateau is one of the best destinations in Laos for nature lovers due to its cultural and geographical areas of interest. On discovery of the Plateau, you will first visit the area of Volcanic Rock which is famous for green suburb tea and coffee plantations owing to the cooler temperatures, abundant rainfall, and rich soil. Then go on to Tad Fane Waterfall, a beautiful double cascade of water surrounded by green plants and lush trees. You can enjoy picturesque views of the waterfall from a viewing platform. A further 2km from Tad Fane through the coffee plantations is Tad Yuang Waterfall, the perfect place to cool down the heat and get closer to nature. You can swim in the pool below the waterfall or hike along the trail to a stunning picnic spot with spectacular views. If you are looking for a natural destination to escape from the busy city life, let give Bolaven Plateau a try and enjoy a wonderful time in nature.

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Luang Prabang & Pakse Exploration

Luang Prabang → Pakse
Laos Laos

Explore deeply about Luang Prabang by visiting renowned sites of the city including Wat Visoun, Wat Aham, Wat Xiengthong, Royal Palace, and Wat Mai

Learn about the use of bamboo in the daily life and culture of Lao people in Bamboo Experience

Travel outskirt of Luang Prabang to Kuangsi Waterfall and Pak Ou Caves

Immerse in the green fresh ambiance and beautiful waterfalls of Bolaven Plateau

Marvel at the 5th century architecture at the resplendent Wat Phou

Experience the verdant tropics of Don Khong and the rest of the 4000 Islands

Luang Prabang → Pakse

Luang Prabang & Southern Laos Discovery

Luang Prabang → Pakse → Champasak → Pakse
Laos Laos

Explore relaxed atmosphere of UNESCO protected town of Luang Prabang 

Partake in unique Laos’ traditions: daily morning almsgiving and Baci ceremony

Visit Wat Xieng Thong and many beautiful temples in Luang Prabang

Cruise leisurely along the mighty Mekong to visit the sacred Pak Ou Caves

Kuang Si waterfall – One of the most beautiful falls in Laos

Experience a jeep tour through coffee fields, waterfalls and ethnic minority villages in Bolaven Plateau

Discover Wat Phou, ancient temple ruins in the countryside of Champasak

Enjoy the laidback atmosphere in the 4000 island region

Luang Prabang → Pakse → Champasak → Pakse

Sweet Honeymoon in Laos

Luang Prabang → Pakse → 4000 Islands → Bolaven Plateau → Pakse
Laos Laos

Explore religious landmarks in the cultural capital of Luang Prabang

Board a traditional long tail boat on the Mekong River to the sacred Pak Ou Caves

Learn about the importance of bamboo in the culture and daily life of Laotian people

Visit villages of H’mong and Lao Loum people and soak in the cool azure pools of Kuang Si falls

Discover Wat Phou, one of the most revered temples in Laos

Enjoy a local tuktuk tour around the peaceful Khone Island

Marvel at the spectacular beauty of Li Phi and Khone Phapeng falls

Get closer to nature in a day trip to Bolaven Plateau

Luang Prabang → Pakse → 4000 Islands → Bolaven Plateau → Pakse

Quintessential Laos

Vientiane → Xieng Khouang → Luang Prabang → Nong Khiaw → Muang Ngoi Neua → Pakse → Don Khong → Don Khon → Bolaven Plateau → Pakse
Laos Laos

Catch the old sense of Vientiane on a city tour through its ancient temples and highlights such as Wat Sisaket, Haw Phra Kaew, Pha That Luang,...

Learn about the danger of UXO in Laos today at Xieng Khouang UXO-Survivors' Information Centre

See the bizarre scenery of the famed Plain of Jars

Explore the charming UNESCO-protected town of Luang Prabang

Swim in the spectacular Kuang Si falls and stop by some villages of H'mong, Lao Loum people

Trek through the hidden villages of Nong Khiaw and see the daily life of villagers

Take in the age-old beauty of Wat Phou amidst the natural settings of southern Laos

Visit the famous falls of Li Phi and Khone Phapeng as well as enjoy the sleepy vibe in the 4000 islands region

Immerse in the fresh air of Bolaven Plateau with green plantations and magnificent waterfalls

Vientiane → Xieng Khouang → Luang Prabang → Nong Khiaw → Muang Ngoi Neua → Pakse → Don Khong → Don Khon → Bolaven Plateau → Pakse

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