Hiroshima, Japan

Climb up the picturesque hiking trail to Mt. Misen summit

A sacred site since ancient times, Mount Misen is the highest peak on Miyajima island in Hiroshima, Japan, at 500 meters above sea level. And climbing up the hiking trail to Mt. Misen summit is a must when you visit this shrine island. There are three different and picturesque hiking trails: the Momijidani Course passing through Momijidani Park – one of the most famous maple leaves valley parks in Japan, the Daisho-in Course with the nicest views, and the Omoto Course – the longest trail. Using any course, it will take 1-2 hours to reach the summit from town, and along the path, deer and wild monkeys can sometimes be seen. Near the peak, you’ll find several temple structures of Daisho-in Temple that is located at the base of the mountain. Of particular interest are the Misen Hondo and the Reikado, a nice place to rest your legs and experience the spirituality of the religious mount. Being on top of Mt. Misen at the observatory, you will enjoy the spectacular views of the Seto Inland Sea, some small islands, and as far as Hiroshima City on clear days.

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Taste of Japan

Japan Japan

See the strongest guys practise from up close at a Sumo Stable’s morning training session in Tokyo

Discover the different allures of Tokyo in Asakusa and Harajuku, from old temple of Sensoji to trendy streets of Omotesando

Admire the masterpiece of nature and the symbol of Japan, Mount Fuji along with its Fuji Five Lakes

Embark on Hakone adventure trip with a cruise on Lake Ashi and a ropeway ride through active sulfuric hot springs

Take your time to revel in the beautiful old town vibes of Takayama with aged streets, large hot spring baths and vibrant local markets

Experience laid back rural lifestyle in the historic villages of Shirakawa-go and Gokayama

Travel back in time while visiting the geisha’s district Higashi Chaya, admiring Kanazawa Castle or Kenrokuen garden

Enjoy a sightseeing tour at Nagamachi, the former living district of samurai during the Edo period

Journey to Hiroshima’s major attractions and pay a visit to the shrine island of Miyajima

Learn about the life and motivation of Geisha in the Gion district in Kyoto as well as enjoy the vibrant nightlife there

Soak up Japanese culture in Kyoto, exploring some of its 17 World Heritage Sites and awesome places

Take a pleasant walk through Sagano lush bamboo grove plus a visit to Tenryuji Temple


Japan Family Adventure

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Take your kids to a Tokyo’s Sumo Stable to see a sumo morning practice

Discover the different allures of Tokyo in Asakusa and Harajuku areas with a stop at Akihabara, the cultural home to fans of Japanese comic and cartoon

Become a seafood gourmand exploring Tsukiji Outer Market with a fresh sashimi feast

Have a fun time in Ueno Park visiting its museums, temples, Japan’s oldest zoo, and cherry-blossom garden

Experience Japanese ryokan (traditional inn) hospitality and amazing onsen culture in Hakone

Unwind with your family in some of Hakone’s famed attractions like Lake Ashinoko, Karakuri Museum, and Sengoku Pampas Grass Field

Gain insight into tragic events of the country’s past at Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and Museum

Admire the giant floating torii-gate on the shrine island of Miyajima

Enjoy a free day exploring Osaka’s best food heavens

Explore some of Kyoto’s 17 World Heritage Sites and awesome places like Himeji Castle or Nishiki Market

Take a pleasant walk amid the green forest of Sagano lush bamboo grove

Visit Fushimi Inari Shrine, the ancient Kyoto shrine of fox statues and thousands of red torii gates

Indulge in a meandering exploration of Japanese culture as joining a unique Kyoto Calligraphy class

Head to the 8th-century capital of Nara to visit the deer park, Todaiji Temple and Kasuga Taisha shrine


Hassle-free Family Tour in Japan

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Uncover the different allures of Tokyo in Asakusa and Harajuku areas, from ancient shrines to dazzling streets of skyscrapers

Spend time relaxing in the Odaiba man-made island, heaven of shopping and entertainment

Experience the thrill of a bullet train between Tokyo and other cities

Have a fun day out with your kids in Yokohama with a number of kid-friendly attractions

Travel back in time while visiting Kanazawa Castle and Kenrokuen garden

Take a sightseeing tour at Nagamachi, the former living district of samurai during the Edo period

Enjoy free time in Kanazawa exploring geisha culture in Higashi Chaya district or traditional Japanese sweet in Morihachi

Gain insight into tragic events of the country’s past at Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and Museum

Admire the giant floating torii-gate on the shrine island of Miyajima

Revel in the magical natural beauty of Sagano lush bamboo grove in the morning

Savor the captivating Kyoto cuisine in Nishiki-Koji Market and Gion district

Get your kids amazed with a traditional Japanese bento making class in Kyoto


Western Wonders of Japan

Tokyo→Kiso valley→Kyoto→Iya valley→Takamatsu→Hiroshima→Takachiho→Kagoshima→Yakushima
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Walk along cobblestone streets and admire the historic sekisho, or barrier station of Kiso-Fukushima, the largest post town in Kiso valley

Experience the most popular section of Nakasendo ancient trail and explore the well-preserved post towns of Tsumago and Magome

Hop on a fun biking tour around Kyoto, Japan’s cultural capital, and its famed attractions

Explore the hidden gems of Iya Valley, including pristine mountain scenery, ancient vine bridges and historical farm houses

Spend a day relaxing in the pleasant atmosphere of Ritsurin Park and seeing Edo-era heritage buildings in Shikoku Village

Get an exclusive in-depth access to the unique Naoshima island with visits to its museums and artworks scattered throughout the town

Learn part of Japan’s history while visiting Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park & Museum

Admire the impressive vermillion gate of Itsukushima Shrine and the sacred Misen Mount on Miyajima Island

Contemplate the spectacular views of Mount Aso from the vantage point of Mount Daikanbo

Enjoy watching Takachiho Kagura Dance, a nightly ceremonial dance performance at Takachiho Shrine

See a close up view of the famous Takachiho Gorge and the 1200 year-old Takachiho Shrine

Take part in a 3-day journey of hiking and exploring the ancient forest trail of Yakushima Island

Discover the volcanic island of Sakurajima and enjoy relaxing time in Nagisa Park Foot Bath

Tokyo→Kiso valley→Kyoto→Iya valley→Takamatsu→Hiroshima→Takachiho→Kagoshima→Yakushima

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