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Khone Phapheng Waterfalls are a series of cascading waterfalls in the Mekong river located in the 4000 islands area - Si Phan Don, Champasak province. With a length of almost 10 kilometers, these impressive falls become the largest waterfall in Southeast Asia as well as the greatest natural attraction of Don Khon island. Characterized by myriad islands and countless waterways, Khone Phapheng is called the Pearl of the Mekong by the locals while tourists may think of Asia’s Niagara falls. This area is also home to the rare Irrawaddy dolphins and Mekong giant catfish. To contemplate unbeatable views of Khone Phapheng, you should visit the viewpoint next to the waterfalls with a pavilion where you can take photos of whitewater cascades and islands safely. Several souvenir shops, restaurants, and cafes are found nearby.

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Li Phi Waterfalls, also officially known as Somphamit Waterfall, is one of the two best attractions in the 4000 Islands. Similar to Khone Phapheng, this 1.5 km long flowing falls features a series of whitewater cascades and rapids located at the western coast of Don Khon, a small biking distance from Don Det. You can traverse natural trails next...

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