Berastagi, Indonesia

Life of the Karo Batak Tribe

Settled in the Karo Highlands about 15 kilometers from Berastagi, Desa Lingga (Lingga Village) is the most visited attraction that offers a glimpse of the lifestyle of the Karo Batak Tribe and their unique traditional houses with some are about 250 years old. These remaining houses are excellent examples of traditional Karo Batak design with decorative timber structures and graceful thatched roofs covered with palm fiber (ijuk) sheets. They have only one room and usually inhabited by eight families that are related or have a kinship at each. Today the villagers still maintain the same customs of Karo culture as their ancestors did hundreds of years ago, making Lingga famous as a tourism and educational site.

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Sumatra Adventure

Medan → Bukit Lawang → Berastagi → Parapat → Padang Sidempuan → Bukittinggi
Indonesia Indonesia

Tour Medan city to see around its beautifully ancient mosque and palace

Go trekking through the dense forest of Gunung Leuser National Park for many wildlife encounters

Enjoy great views from Medan to Berastagi with en-route stops at Lau Debuk hot spring and local fruit market

Explore the ancient lifestyle of the Karo Batak Tribe in Lingga Village

Visit the spectacular waterfall of Sipisopiso and the wooden palace Ruma Bolon

Take a boat trip on Lake Toba and explore Batak Toba culture at Samosir island’s villages

Make stops at a local mini Botanical Garden, traditional house of Lumban Binanga and Balige market

Admire the Mandailing Batak typical houses in Usortolang Village

Get on a city sightseeing tour of Bukittinggi with many places of interest

Witness the grandeur of Pagaruyung Palace and its Minang artifact collection

Medan → Bukit Lawang → Berastagi → Parapat → Padang Sidempuan → Bukittinggi

Other Experiences in Berastagi, Indonesia

Berastagi, Sumatra Island
Berastagi, Sumatra Island

Debuk Hot Spring

Located at the edge of Sidebuk-debuk village in Berastagi town, Lau Debuk Debuk or Debuk hot spring is a popular attraction to local people and tourists. The place covers a large area having five...

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Berastagi, Sumatra Island

King Purba Palace

Sit on the edge of Pematang Purba village, King Purba Palace (also known as Rumah Bolon Raja Purba) is one of the best highlights in North Sumatra tours. The palace is actually an old authentic...

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