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If you are planning to visit Sukhothai, Si Satchanalai Historical Park is a must-see place. This park is similar to famous Sukhothai History Park but it’s less crowded.  The park is a huge area containing several substantial ruins including Si Satchanalai and Chaliang. Most of them are original, only 20% is restored. Tourists can walk around to learn about the history or cycle around the park. With an abundance of lush green countryside and an atmospheric setting, Si Satchanalai Historical Park is work a visit if you want to avoid the touristic hotpots. 

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Great for history buffs, Sukhothai Historical Park is the remains of ancient Sukhothai, the capital of Sukhothai Kingdom in the 13th and 14th centuries. Covering an area of about 70sqkm, this impressive UNESCO-listed park includes numerous historical ruins, large ponds, and trees surrounded by old walls. Strolling through the grounds of the...

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