Best China Tours For Multiple Travel Interests


Blessed with the rich tapestry of cultural and natural diversity, China is a notable travel destination for those who are into Asian highlights. Covering an extensive region of the Asian continent, China enchants tourists by its wide range of geographic features and diverse ecosystems, which are the promised lands for nature enthusiasts with imposing adventures and photogenic landscape. Also, with the great history spanning thousands of years, Chinese culture is something very intriguing to foreigners with a lot of heritage sites, delectable regional cuisine, interesting traditional arts, and various historical monuments, etc. 


Not only being a famous country for classic Asian heritage journey, but China is also a wonderful land for modern travellers with trendy lifestyles, bustling and prosperous metropolises, and fully-equipped services & amenities. Undoubtedly, China could bring fabulous holidays for any travel enthusiasts. If you’re still considering among various travel itineraries, here is our recommended China tour packages according to different tour styles, which somewhat help you to find which suit you best.

1. Classic China Discoveries

A China classic package encompassing some of the best Chinese highlights would be a perfect option for any first-time visitors in this massive country. World-famous heritage sites, iconic landmarks, picturesque landscape, delicious traditional food, etc are highly-recommended travel experiences making your trip a fine holiday with unforgettable memories.

Three big cities of Beijing, Xi’an, and Shanghai are also three main tourist hubs of China, which made the Golden Triangle of China (taking you 8 days for enjoying the trip). Almost China tours will take you to famous tourist sites in these destinations for gaining an in-depth exploration of the country’s history, cultural heritage, and its phenomenal evolution as well. For those seeking longer itineraries with further inviting Chinese attractions, 12 days exploring China with Beauty of China and Yangtze River or China Family Tour might be ideal selections for delivering extra discoveries of China natural and cultural treasures.

Classic China Tours

2. In-depth Exploration Of Chinese Culture

Well-known to be an Asian country with a remarkable diversity of regional culture, China is the promised land for any culture buff. If the capital city of Beijing to the North is the finest example of Chinese imperial history during Ming-Qing dynasty with myriads cultural spots, majestic architectural sites, and royal cuisine; Central China including Xi’an or Sichuan will take you to head back to the gateway of the ancient Chinese civilization and authentic Han culture; while less-visited places of northwestern part or mysterious Tibet are vivid pictures of real local essences. Offering various interesting local experiences, cultural voyages in China are the fabulous enlightenment of partial Asian culture for global travellers.  

Chinese cultural attractions, especially world-famous UNESCO Heritage Sites, are must-included stops in any China tours. Thanks to China’s surprising development, you can opt to Discover China Culture by High-Speed Trains. Intriguing journeys discovering Amazing China with Tibet or Best Part of the Ancient Silk Road are selective packages of exotic culture and distinct local highlights. If you are interested in Chinese Buddhism, a day pilgrimage excursion with best Chengdu Leshan Giant Buddha Tour could satisfy your expectation.

China Exploration Culture

3. Enthusiasm Of Natural Beauty

Travelling to China, tourists surely got the opportunities to savour abundant striking visual feasts of magnificent landscape ranging from North to South, from West to East. China is famous for its numerous breathtaking natural attractions with unique geological features and impressive biodiversity. If you’re ever heard about the original inspiration of the global blockbuster “Avatar” that is available in the real-life, make sure that you’ve checked highlights of China Natural Wonders Discovery or Experience Amazing Zhangjiajie & Fenghuang Ancient Town. Further to the Southern part of China sets a renowned city of the landscape – Guilin – with its picturesque karstic formations, blissful views of the Chinese countryside, and fantastic scenery of terraced fields. Covering all Guilin’s natural and cultural highlights, our Best Guilin In-depth Tour will offer you a sublime wrap-up of natural beauty here. For those who have interest in leisure excursions, the fabled Yangtze River, with its majestic river cruise itinerary traversing through stunning attractions along two banks, is an ideal vacation with a lot of imposing sightseeing experiences.

Great Wall China

4. Tasty Foodie Trips

Your trip in China is incomplete without experiencing the local gastronomy that is an amazing medley of various cooking styles, ingredients, traditions, and regional culture as well. Dubbed as one of the most famous Asian cuisines, China is the home to many renowned delicacies ranging from imperial culinary art to street food or traditional family dishes. Hence, this massive country is no doubt a true paradise for foodie lovers.

Featuring some of the most prominent regional Chinese cuisines, 13 tour dates of A Taste of China will not only take you to the major Chinese cities but also let you deeply immersed in the world of China’s gastronomic essence through exciting foodie trips and loads of local cuisine lessons. For travelling families with kids, we crafted an Unforgettable China Kungfu Panda Family Tour that covers both family-friendly tourist attractions and delightful food making and sampling experiences with a hospitable local family. 

Food China

5. Active Itineraries

Among multiple options for best China tours combining many outstanding local experiences, short breaks with vigorous outdoor activities are favourites for active travellers. Hosting several monuments with mind-blowing architectural and natural grandeur, China offers some fascinating options as extra action-packed journeys during your big holiday when in here. While the world-famous heritage site of the Great Wall enables you to make a short trip of Beijing Highlights with Great Wall Hiking, other sacred mountains in China could be promising stops for marvellous excursions with both thrilling natural and enchanting cultural highlights such as Mt Hua Adventure and Xi'an Essence Tour or Best Huangshan Tour with Hongcun & Xidi Ancient Villages. Just check out these active China tours if you’re adventure enthusiasts. 

Active China

With a lot of fascinating local delights, tours in China offer you a wide range of packages for different tour styles. We're glad to give you the best recommendations for ideal travel itineraries here according to each interest that assists you to find out the perfect choice of a fabulous voyage in great China. Feel free to send your inquiries to our Asia Tours Expert Team if you're still taking your trip to China into consideration.

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