Tumbang Malahoi, Indonesia

Kaharingan religion

Kaharingan is an indigenous and animistic folk religion professed by the Dayak people in Kalimantan, particularly the Central area. This belief system has a concept of a many deities and often one supreme deity. Ancestor worship and the belief in many supernatural beings is also common. Including some Hindu-Javanese influences, Kaharingan is registered as a form of Hinduism as the Indonesian government recognizes only six official religions (Islam, Protestantism, Roman Catholicism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Confucianism respectively). The main festival of this religion is the Tiwah festival, lasting for thirty days with the sacrifice of many animals like buffaloes, pigs, cows and chickens, as offerings to the spirits and deities.

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Borneo Indonesia
Indonesia Indonesia

Stay at a long house of Dayak people and learn more about their culture as well as lifestyle

Meet incredible orangutans in their natural habitat and in the center of Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation

Take a boat trip into the unique mangroves beside the Kahayan River

Enjoy some easy trekking in the forest behind Pilang village to explore the wildlife and local life

See the ancient Dayak painted sandungs and watch Dayak traditional dance

Explore Sebangau National Park by boating and trekking with many wildlife encounters

Visit Palangka Raya’s traditional market and Puntun village

Borneo Indonesia

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Tumbang Malahoi, Borneo Indonesia
Tumbang Malahoi, Borneo Indonesia

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