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Look inside the world of Japan's favorite brew in Kirin Beer Factory

For beer lovers or those curious about Japanese beer and how it is manufactured, taking a tour at Kirin Beer Factory in Yokohama, Japan is certainly a very fantastic experience with a lot of fun. Established in 1907, Kirin is one of Japan's four leading beer breweries and also the most famous beer brand among the Japanese. The company has a long history since the country’s opening to foreign trade and beer was introduced from the West, which tourists can learn about in their free brewery tours lasting about 80 minutes. You will visit a gallery with a series of panels that showcase the history of beer and Kirin before exploring around parts of the factory, viewing the brewing facilities and manufacturing process through observation windows from above. The last twenty minutes of the tour will be the best time for fans of beer with a free tasting at the bar. Visitors receive tickets that can be exchanged for three different types of beers (Ichiban-shibori, Lager, Stout) and some snacks for free.

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Kyoto→Nara→Izu Peninsula→Tokyo

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