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Considered as the top attraction in Vang Vieng, Tham Cham is a spectacular cave consisting of numerous beautiful and rare stalactites. Located in Meuang Xong Village, this spacious cave was used as a bunker during an invasion in the early 19th century and a haven for local inhabitants in the civil war. To enter the cave, visitors need to climb up the stone stairway with a couple of hundred steps leading to the mountainside entrance. Inside the cave, there are several well-lit pathways that lead to different sections of the cave with myriad stalactites and rocks in weird formations, one of which leads to a nice viewpoint outside where you can take in the countryside scenery. Tham Chang Cave is also an ideal spot to cool off from the hot weather as the temperature inside the cave is fairly low. Besides, tourists can swim in the small pool in front of the entrance or enjoy an outside picnic on a patch of grass near the cave.

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