Banda Aceh, Indonesia

The Museum Negeri Aceh (Aceh State Museum)

The Museum Negeri Aceh, popular known as Banda Aceh Museum or Aceh State Museum is one of the oldest museums in Indonesia, comprising an old traditional building (1914) and a new building (1974). The old building is actually a traditional Acehnese stage house or Rumoh Aceh with a typical kitchen, a living area, and other customary Acehnese pieces. Meanwhile, the new building features many collections of archaeological and ethnographic items from Aceh, as well as the history of Islam and local freedom fighters. If you wish to know more about the Acehnese and their culture, Banda Aceh Museum is the place to be.

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Aceh Exploration

Sumatra Island → Weh Island → Sumatra Island
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Tour Banda Aceh to see its famous tourist attractions, including Aceh Tsunami Museum, Grand Mosque Baiturrahman, and Museum Negeri Aceh

Enjoy a short beach vacation on Weh Island

Take in the breathtaking views along the drive from Sabang to Iboih Village

Spend time diving and snorkeling on Iboih Beach and Rubiah Island

Visit Lhoknga Beach, the 2004 Tsunami Ground Zero

Sumatra Island → Weh Island → Sumatra Island

Other Experiences in Banda Aceh, Indonesia

Banda Aceh, Sumatra Island

Aceh Tsunami Museum

Located in Banda Aceh, Indonesia, Aceh Tsunami Museum is beautifully designed as a symbolic reminder of the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami disaster, as well as an educational center about...

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Banda Aceh, Sumatra Island

Grand Mosque Baiturrahman

Best known as the pride of Banda Aceh, the Grand Mosque Baiturrahman is a dazzling mosque in Mughal revival style with brilliant-white walls, grand black domes and towering minaret. It was rebuilt in...

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