Luoyang, China

Explore China's Longmen Grottoes

As one of the three finest examples of Chinese Buddhist grottoes, Longmen Grottoes is a famous UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the cliffside on the Yi River bank to the South of Luoyang City. This is a densely impressive collection of thousands of grottoes, countless Buddhists sculptures and inscriptions which have a history over 1500 years and took over 400 years to complete. Longmen Grottoes contain an imposing quantity of ancient relics and exemplify the quintessence of Chinese stone sculptural art of the late Northern Wei and Tang Dynasties. You’ll appreciate the Chinese Buddhist art by visiting the major caves here such as Fengxian Temple, Guyang Cave, Three Bingyang Caves, etc with numerous notable carvings in each site. Longmen Grottoes are well-known to be "an outstanding manifestation of human artistic creativity”, the splendid Buddhist Art Treasure as well as a prominent religious spot showcasing a period of the heyday of ancient Chinese Buddhist culture. 

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