Java Island - A volcanic island

Java Island is one of the most beautiful islands of Indonesia which has almost everything to satisfy your wanderlust. Our Java tour packages will take you to different hidden gems of this island - starting from the capital Jakarta to the ancient temples (e.g., Borobudur Temple and Candi Prambanan), mystic volcanic mountains (e.g., Mount Ijen, Mount Bromo), outstanding waterfalls (e.g., Curug Belot) and much more.

Java Island travel guide information

Java Island Quick Facts

Java Island (also spelt Jawa or Djawa) is situated on the southeast Sumatra Island, south of Borneo and west of Bali Island

This island has more than half of Indonesia's population and it is the site of Indonesia's capital city - Jakarta

In 2015, Java Island had a population of nearly 145 million in the total area of 138,793 square kilometres

The climate of this island is generally humid and hot throughout the year

Java Island has more than 100 volcanoes and 40 of which are active. Mount Semeru is known as the highest volcano on this island with 12,060 feet (3,676 meters)

There are 3 major ethnic groups in Java which are the Javanese, the Sundanese and the Madurese

Best time to visit Java Island, indonesia

Looking for the pleasant weather with little rain, less humidity and more sun to climb the mountains or take a cycling tour, the best time to visit Java Island is from May till September. If you travel to Java Island from November to April, you can expect some sudden downpours which might affect your trip.

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Java Island
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Komodo Island and Yogyakarta Tour

Bali Island → Flores Island → Komodo Island → Java Island

Embark on a fantastic overnight boat excursion to Rinca, Kalong, and Komodo Island

Hike up the mountain for nice scenarios of Padar island

Take a close and personal witness to Komodo Dragons - endemic Indonesian majestic creatures in their natural habitat

Enjoy swimming, sunbathing, or other captivating water activities in Indonesia's charming beaches

Admire the legendary architectural wonders of Borobodur Temple - the world's largest Buddhist monument

Visit majestic Hindu Temple Complex of Prambanan Temple

Tour around major sights and learn more about history richness in the old city of Yogyakarta

Bali Island → Flores Island → Komodo Island → Java Island

Highlights of Java Sulawesi and Bali

Java Island → Sulawesi Island → Bali Island
Indonesia Indonesia

Tour Yogyakarta to see its highlights: Kraton palace, Taman Sari water castle, Prambanan temple and Plaosan temple

Explore the huge Buddhist temple at Borobudur

Marvel at the breathtaking sights of sunrise over Mount Bromo

See the traditional village Bugis and traditional wooden houses

Get amazed by the unique culture of the Toraja ethnic group as well as their renowned funeral sites such as Lemo, Tampang Allo, Suaya

Start a soft trekking tour in Batutumonga for fantastic scenery of nature and countryside

Join devotees at remarkable Hindu temples of Bali such as Ulun Danu, Taman Ayun, Tanah Lot

Walk through Bali’s stunning terraced rice fields in Jatiluwih village

Java Island → Sulawesi Island → Bali Island

A Majestic Journey to India, China and Indonesia

Delhi → Agra → Jaipur → Mumbai → Shanghai → Xian → Beijing → Java Island → Bali Island
Indonesia,China,India Indonesia,China,India

Soak up the buzzing atmosphere of Delhi local life in narrow streets and local markets

Witness the glorious moment of sunrise combining with imposing architecture of Taj Mahal

Catch a glimpse of Mughal architectural splendor in Fatehpur Sikri, the former royal city of Emperor of Akbar

Enjoy pleasant walks around Mumbai's marvelous colonial buildings and major monuments

Take an off-shore Mumbai excursion heading to the ancient cave temples complex on the lush Elephanta Island

Partake a fabulous Beijing tour that stops at the iconic landmarks of the city: the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Temple of Heaven

Witness picturesque scenery and beautifully-restored architecture of the Great Wall

Enjoy the sunset from the blue sky turned partially pink coming in to dusk in Blitar

Visit a tea plantation in Bandung to enjoy the fresh air with green scenery

Delhi → Agra → Jaipur → Mumbai → Shanghai → Xian → Beijing → Java Island → Bali Island

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